Most of us men fail to realize how important it is to a woman to feel that she is supported by someone who cares. Women are happy when they feel that their needs will be met. When she is upset, confused or hopeless, what she needs is just companionship. She will then feel that she is not alone and that she is loved and respected.

Men need to work with understanding, empathy and compassion in such situations and these will make women becoming more receptive and appreciative of the support of men. Husbands generally do not realize this because their masculine instincts will tell them that it is best to be alone when their wives are upset. That is why, in these situations that, out of respect, he will leave her alone, or makes matters worse by trying to solve her problems. His manliness instincts will not tell him how important it is to be closely in intimacy and sharing with his wife. What she needs is someone to listen. If she feels that she is worthy of love, and she doesn’t have to earn it and the husband gives it without conditions, then relationship will take a wonderful turn. She truly deserves all these.

It is the nature of a wife to given in just to maintain family peace and balance and they live by the philosophy, “ I lose so that you can win.” But remember, if the husband takes this for granted, there may be a time that his wife will feel tired of giving. When a woman gives too much she should blame her partner. Similarly, a man who gives less should not blame his partner for being negative. To avoid such a calamity both men and women must be reciprocal. Men must learn how to give and women must know how to receive. When this happens, the family becomes a truly blissful unit.

A man can be compassionate and offer his support even if she does not ask for it, listen to her even if it sounds like blame, and do little things to show her that he cares. A woman on the other hand can accept and forgive her partner’s imperfections ( no one is perfect), especially when he disappoints her and does not offer his support when needed, but, appreciate the little he does give and continue to ask for his support. This give and take policy will be a perfect example for the wellbeing of the family.

(To be continued, Insha Allah)