A man is an amazing being if understood properly. Generally, when a woman is in love she wants to give it a full shot. And at times a man may not show the same emotions or enthusiasm, which makes his partner feel he is not fully committed. It must be understood that these two species are not equal, and may respond differently to the situation in their own natural characteristic. Women in an unspoken language communicate clearly to mean, “I need you. Your power and strength can bring greater fulfillment, filling a void which has been within us all these years, and together we could live in great happiness.” Many women understand how to give this message.

In the beginning of a relationship, a woman gives a man a brief look that says you could be the one to make me happy. In this manner she initiates the relationship. This look encourages him to come closer and makes him confident to have a relationship. Unfortunately, once they are in a relationship and as problems begin to come up, she does not know how important the message is to him and neglects to send it.

However, when a man is in love there is not limit for his caring and serving others. Therefore, when his heart is open, he feels very confident and given the opportunity he will do his best. He then ceases to be motivated for himself alone (as in his youth), and experiences his partner’s fulfillment as his own. He can easily undergo any hardship to make her happy. In this positive atmosphere his problems becomes easy to handle and he has a higher purpose in life.

Most men are starving to give love, but they don’t know how to do it. They rarely saw their fathers succeed in fulfilling their mothers through giving. Because of this he does not know that there is greater fulfillment in giving. Then when his relationship fails he is struck in his cave, depressed and stops caring.

When a man feels that he is not in making a difference in someone’s life, it become hard to care about his life and relationship. When he feels that he is not needed it is difficult to motivate him. To become his old positive self again, he needs to feel appreciated, trusted, and accepted, or it becomes a slow death for a man.

(To be continued, Insha Allah)