One of the biggest issues between men and women is how they manage stress. It is understood, that all of us undergo some sort of stress sometime or the other, and, this is part of life. During stress men become increasingly focused and withdrawn while women feels increasingly overwhelmed and go through a lot of emotion.

During these times, how a man feels to become good is different to how a woman feels. He feels better by finding answers to his issues, while she feels good by talking about her problems. If both of them do not understand and accept these differences, then there will come about unnecessary friction in the relationship.

Let us talk about a simple example in our day to day life.

When Tuan comes home, he wants to relax by quietly reading a newspaper, going through a magazine or in these times, surfing on the internet, or watching some documentary on TV. He is stressed by the problems of the day and finds relief through forgetting them by doing something which will distract him from his issues.

His wife Gnei too wants to find relaxation from her stressful day’s work. She somehow wants to find relief and feel good by talking about the days issues. The tension then starts building slowly between them. Tuan thinks Gnei talks too much while she however feels that Tuan ignores her. Without understanding these differences both Tuan and Gnei grow further apart.
You can now recognize this situation of Tuan and Gnei because it is just one of the many examples where men and women are at each other’s throats. This is present in almost every relationship.

Love between each other alone cannot solve problems, but, how much they understand and respect each other.