Positive attitudes and loving feelings are what a man is looking for from a woman. If a woman is able to serve or assist the man with feelings of love and positive attitudes, the relationship would be very healthy. For example, if a man asks for a cup of coffee many times a day, and if his wife serves it with an irritating mood, it serves no purses, as only the physical need of a man will be fulfilled. He will notice the anger and resentment on her face and it will make him withhold his love and will not have even a sense of thanks in heart for her apart from saying this verbally. But if this behavior of serving coffee is done with a loving feeling, it will make him do more for his wife in terms of behavior. And this will motive the wife to do more for him. Therefore, for a man, it is the feeling which is important than the behavior. Some important points are given below for women to get used to being in the good books of her husband.

  1. When he makes a mistake, she does not advise him or say “I told you so”
  2. When he disappoints her, she does not punish him
  3. When he forgets to pick up something for her and she says, “It’s OK, would you get it next time”
  4. When she has hurt him and she understands his hurt, and apologizes and gives him the love.
  5. When she asks for his support and he says no, and she is not hurt by this but trusts that he would if he could
  6. She asks for his support without demanding when she is upset.
  7. When he apologizes for his mistake and she receives it with loving acceptance. This makes him love her more.
  8. When he asks her to do something and she says no and does not give a list of reasons
  9. When he wants to make up after a fight and he starts doing little things to please her, and she accepts it lovingly
  10. She is happy to see him when he gets home
  11. When she is upset she leaves the place and goes to her room and privately makes herself OK and then comes back without any hate or hurt.
  12. On special occasions she overlooks his mistakes that may have normally upset her.
  13. She really enjoys sex with body, mind, and soul with him.
  14. He forgets where he put his keys and she does not look at him as though he is irresponsible.
  15. She is careful in not hurting him when he has taken her to a restaurant or any other place.
  16. She does not give advice when he is driving or riding the vehicle or parking it, but rather appreciates him for getting them there.
  17. She asks for his support rather than talking about the mistake he did.
  18. She shares her negative feelings in a way that without blaming, rejecting or being disapproval of him.

When a man makes a mistake and feels embarrassed, sorry or ashamed, then he needs her love more. If this is done empathetically, the amount of love the man will give the woman is endless. The bigger the mistake the better the love he gives when handled caringly by his wife.

In an earlier write-up, I have written explaining what a man should do to his wife to win her feelings of love.

These above points are taken from interviews with many hundreds of husbands, and research literature on the subject.

This is for those who are honestly and desperately seeking knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on marriage life.