Bismih Ta’ala.


Usually at the start of a relationship a man will start doing little and insignificant things to catch the attention of his love. As times goes, he stop doing all these little things. To make a woman happy a man should understand that she needs to feel loved and supported. Women need many expressions of love in a relationship to feel loved.

There should be a continuity of little things flowing. This can be very difficult for a man to understand. To quote an example : Women have a love tank similar to the petrol tank in a car. It needs to be fillled over and over again. Doing many little things is the secret to fill this love tank of a woman. A woman feels loved when her love tank is full. She is then able to respond with greater love when this happens. Let us now list out some of those little things that goes to fill up a woman’s love tank.

  1. When you come back home find her first and give a hug before doing anything.
  2. Ask her how her day was
  3. Practice listening and asking questions
  4. Don’t try to solve her problem, just motivate her.
  5. Give her at least half an hour of your quality attention per day.
  6. Bring her cut flowers as a surprise or even small gifts even at special occasions
  7. Say that she is beautiful when she wears a new dress or looks neat.
  8. Give her assurance when she is upset.
  9. Offer to help her in the household work when she is tired
  10. Make extra time for her when going out, as females are normally late.
  11. Call her and inform when you are getting late to come
  12. When she asks for support say YES or NO, without making her guilty for asking
  13. Whenever she feels hurt tell her “I am sorry to see you like this”. Then be silent.
  14. Don’t offer her solutions
  15. Whenever you need space, tell her about it, and assure that you will come back.
  16. When you come back after a problem, tell her cooly about it without upsetting her.
  17. When she talks to you, stop meddling with your phone or remote control and give her full attention.
  18. When going out ask her what she wants and remember to bring it.
  19. Let her know when you are planning to take a nap or leave.
  20. Give her at least four hugs per day. 21. Call from office occasionally and ask about her wellbeing and tell her that you love her.
  21. Make the bed and clean up the bed room
  22. Wash and put some perfume before you go to bed
  23. Offer to give her a back, neck or foot massage.
  24. Don’t flick to different channels when she is watch TV with you.
  25. Display affection for her in public.
  26. Learn what she likes to eat, drink,dress, places to visit, etc.
  27. Pay attention to her more than anyone when in public.
  28. Buy her little presents like cholocates or perfume.
  29. Let her see that you carry a picture of her in your purse.
  30. Open the door for her, offer to carry groceries and her things.
  31. Say that her cooking is nice occasionally
  32. When talking to her make eye contact
  33. Touch her with your hand sometimes when you talk to her
  34. Show interest in what she is doing
  35. Get ready to sleep and go to bed together.
  36. Create special times to be together alone without the kids
  37. Tell her that you miss her when you are away for long time
  38. Leave the bathroom seat down and don’t forget to flush.
  39. Give her a kiss and say Goodbye when you leave.
  40. Ask her to add anything else to this list.

You will find the magic of love in your married life, if the above things are remembered and practices. Best of luck.

(To be continued, Insha Allah)