Bismih Ta’ala.

What is love and how do we understand it. Love is an emotional need for something. And what is that something? For example when a woman receives caring, understanding, respect, devotion, support and encouragement, then, she will feel that she has received her share of love. If she does not receive these kinds of love then she will feel she is not loved. Therefore, in short, a woman feels loved when she receives these love in this manner.

Similarly, for a man to feel loved he will need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval and encouragement. If he does not get these emotional needs then he will feel that he is not loved.

Therefore, always remember that the love needs of a woman are different to that of a man. The reason for misunderstanding in relationships is that a man thinks and assumes that the woman has the same love needs and desires like him, and a woman too thinks similarly. In a situation like this both men and women think that they are giving their best in the love relationships but they are not getting back the same love from their partner. Do you now understand where the problem is?

We are discussing the twelve kinds of love of a man and a woman, and it does not mean that they are not in need of all twelve. Certainly both man and woman need twelve kinds of love, but first things first. To build a strong foundation in a relationship, the six primary love needs must be given and met.

When these six primary needs are received by each other then they are prepared to receive the other six too. That is why some relationships are very successful and strong. Proper understanding and giving these six primary needs of love is a successful and powerful secret that you have to remember always.

Therefore, sit back and ponder if your relationship has hit a sour point, and don’t feel dejected or disappointed. There is always another chance to make relationships work as you now know how to turn your partner on. What your partner gives back to you is another matter, which you do not have to worry much about, because you understand fact that your partner is not aware of these love needs. So be patient and things will work out fine. Alhamdulillah.

(To be continued, Insha Allah)