Bismih Ta’ala. – WAVES & WOMEN

A woman is like a wave. When she feels that she is loved, her confidence and self-esteem rises. When she is feeling really good and on top of the world she will reach a peak or high point on the wave, but then suddenly her mood may change and then her wave crashes down.

However, this crash is temporary or for a short time. After she reaches the bottom again, quickly her mood will change and she will again feel good about herself. And naturally and automatically her wave begins to rise up again.

When she is at the top of the wave she has so much love to give, but when it falls down she feels very empty inside and therefore needs to be filled with love again. This point of reaching the bottom of her wave is the time for her housecleaning where her emotions are concerned.

When she has experienced any bad feelings or had blocked her loving emotions when her wave went up, then these feelings will trouble her when her wave reaches the bottom. Then these negative feelings and unfulfilled needs will worry her. During this time she needs care in wanting to talk about her problems, and be heard and understood.

When a woman’s wave goes down it is like going into a ‘dark well’ and when this happens she is knowingly sinking into her unconscious self, into darkness and dim feeling. She may feel hopeless, thinking she is all alone without any support. But soon after she reaches the bottom, if she is loved and given the emotional support, she will quickly start to feel better. And then she will again shine brightly in her love.

How a woman gives and receives love in her relationships depends on how she feels about herself. When she is down and not feeling good she is not able to accept or appreciate her partner. She is then emotionally rash and helpless and will need more love. The husband will have to understand this fact well and should know what she needs at a time like this. If not he will make unnecessary demands which will further weaken the relationship.

(To be continued, Insha Allah)