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Parenting is a divine gift and an extremely wonderful experience if perpetuated properly.
The life of every child depends of how the parents nurture them. Positive parenting will bring about the required positivity in the child which will be a lasting effect and alternatively the same goes for negative parenting. Most parents ignore the fact that their children will be traumatized due to the unhealthy and unacceptable behavior of parents. Fighting and arguments in from of children will cause them to develop fear and trauma all life.
All humans have multitudes of issues. However, all these desires, ego, emotions and illogical behavior must be curtailed if parents have even an iota of love for the wellbeing of the children. Many issues that I handled in the recent past (of teenaged children) are due to these facts.
When the father and mother do not see eye to eye, and with the passage of time, they will both find pleasure from elsewhere. This is a very dangerous trend which may lead to suicidal thoughts and or self harm if children observe these patterns of corrupt behavior. As such, parents must let go of all their desires for the sake and well being of their children. If not their children will silently suffer.

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