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This three month course targeting school teachers commenced first week February 2018.
Aimed at creating complete awareness on children and their psychological needs along with self-awareness, personality development, family relationship and understanding the role of others in today’s context of living, this was a all-time unique experience and learning for everyone who participated. The objective of the lessons was to make everyone live a happy and contended life.
The lecturer shared life experiences and relevant case studies to make the presentation very interactive and enlightening. Multimedia Projector, Role Play and Group Activities were accordingly used, along with written notes. The endorsements from the students of the first batch are given elsewhere on this webpage.



“Well, the place I learnt psychology. Since the day I joined this class I have gained enormous amount of knowledge which money cannot buy. The lessons I learnt here are simply amazing and I feel enthusiastic about it. This has completely changed my mind and personality and helped me to attain positive attitudes. I am blessed to study under a professor like Mr. Rhumy Amith who has all the qualities of an excellent teacher, presenter with skill, experience and knowledge on the subject."

Fathima Ruzaika

Principal, Blooming Buds Montessori, Buthgamuwa.

“Before attending this class, I didn’t have a clear vision on psychology, which is very helpful to lead a peaceful life. Now, I am equipped with many significant and vital facts which we come across in our day to day life, such as how to face problems with correct solutions, development of child and disorders, family models, goal setting and time management.”

Hafsah Fairoz

AMI Teacher

“This turned out to be the best and smartest choice I ever made. I definitely recommend others to take part in this psycho-pathology course and get benefitted. I testify the importance of this course. It helps us keep a better track and understanding of us and others. I can understand who I am now and look at events in a more positive manner, avoid stressful situations, manage time and work towards my goals. Overall this will benefit girls who are going to get married.”

Faaiha Faizer

AMI Teacher

“By following this class, it made me understand myself and helps me to understand others better. I am aware of my personality and how it contributes to the way I think and behave. It also helps me to know how and why people in my life think and behave the way they do. Mr. Rhumy Amith is a dedicated person who prepares well ahead for the class and starts the class with a warm up activity and looks into the needs of every student.”

Rozana Nooramith

Principal , Genius Kids Montessori.

“I am so glad to tell you that my first day in class was so memorable. I was so nervous and messy because it was a new subject and place. But it was so interesting because of your presence and the way you started the lecture. From the first day till the end of the last class I learnt a lot. I am worried that the last three months went so fast. I would like to thank you for teaching such precious things.”

Amra Shadhaf

Proprietor, Tutor Academy.

“Over the course of this class, I have joined together many things about my own life that went unnoticed and now able to see things in a different light. I have learnt that there is a reason for our behavior. Whatever I learnt will be carried with me throughout my life and my professional career. I thank Sir Rhumy Amith for making this an everlasting memory and definitely recommend this course for the future generation. He is one of the most influential lecturers I ever came across, and makes me proud to say that I am ‘psychology student’ of Sir Rhumy Amith.”

Ramalan Fathima Rakshana

AMI Teacher and A/L Student.


Heartwork Counselling in colloboration with Genius Academy of Modern English, successfully completed the Psychology, Family Relationships and Life Skills crash course spanning three months for the First Batch. The entire class passed successfully. The awarding of Certificates took place recently with a simple ceremony on 2nd August, 2018. The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Shafraz Saleem, JCI President and UNO Representative for Asia Pacific.


The second batch which started in the second week of July 2018 and is presently going on successfully with full house participation. This will complete in September with a written examination and an awards ceremony.

Huge difference in me comparing to before and after joining this Course. I am more focused in life and look at things in a positive manner. As a pre-school teacher I feel comfortable in handling any problem. Definitely recommend this to all.

Asma Nazeem

Pre-school Teacher

Have gained wonderful knowledge which money cannot buy. I had no idea of people around me and now I am aware of who I am and handle others well too. Thank you Sir, for the priceless change that you brought into my life.

Azna Ajmeer


When I completed this class, I also completed one of my dreams. It was a blessed class. The best and the smartest choice I ever made. This had helped me to lead a peaceful life and work towards my goals.

My gratitude to Rhumy Sir for giving us what money cannot buy.

Faseeha Saleem

Arabic Teacher

Was able to understand the real need of children and how they should be cared. As a young girl, I learnt many useful knowledge and skill on how to have a successful marriage life, and I am now ever confident to face the future. The Islamic knowledge given was very valuable. Keep educating girls Sir.

Fathima Naida

A/L student

Rhumy Sir actually brought a completely new dimension in my life my his ability, skill and experience in the field of psychology. He makes sure that everyone of us understood what was being said. His style of teaching and socializing with his students is unbeatable. I feel blessed and proud to be your student.

Fathima Risla

A/L student

Psychology always inspired me and I had great interest in the subject, to study about me and also others. As the classes continued I felt a change in me as the best was taught on how to live a positive life. I am indeed happy to be a part of this batch and thank you Sir Rhumy Amith

Afsha Banu

School Teacher

Alhamdulillah, for giving me the wonderful opportunity to study this course. I was so happy and comfortable with the lecture and also so impressed with my peer students. It was an incredible experience and your lecture was so deep in knowledge and useful. Surely, recommend this to all young girls.

Fathima Asma Nassar



Students who wish to participate in the oncoming course covering child psychology, child psycho-pathology, understanding self and others, marital relationships, parenting and family relationship, goal setting and time management - all of these together in one package will be offered at a very nominal price so that everyone could benefit.

The commencement date will be first week of November 2018. This is only for teachers, mothers and those who sat for the O/L or A/L Examinations (all females). It is in the lap of teachers and mothers that the success of our future generation depends upon. Therefore, every participant will be trained professionally.

Interested males can get in touch with the Centre if they are interested to follow this course. If there are males interested in following this course, please get in touch with the academy for registration. Course for males and females will be held separately.

Every batch will not be more than 15 participants, and Courses are held on Saturday afternoon from 2.30 to 5 and on Sunday morning from 9 to 11.30. Every new batch will start at the end of the completion of the three month course. Therefore, you can register by sending a whatsapp message or email to heartworkcolombo@gmail.com with you name, contact number and address.


Due to request and demand from many students, the Institute is hoping to start classes on counselling in October 2018. This too will be a once a week class spanning for two and an half hours. This Course will cover Counselling Theory, Counselling Skills, Treatment Plan, General Techniques and Therapeutic Techniques, and Hands-on practice on what is learnt. The intention is to create a breed of professional counselors, which is the urgent need of the hour.

Those interested may register on our website or send us an email stating their interest. This class too will be held separately for females and males, at different times. Heartwork Academy of Psychological Studies (HAPS) is please to announced that the first batch for Counselling Thoery, Skills and Practice commenced on 13th November 2018 with a house full crowd. This course will be held every Tuesday afternoon from 2.45 to 5.15 pm. Be a Professional Counsellor, follow this Course.

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