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We are pleased to inform you on the launching of HEARTWORK which is a social emotional consulting service center.

Sadly, in Sri Lanka the word ‘counseling’ has a very wrong concept that only people with mental disorders go for such treatments. This is a misunderstood belief. Humans are made of mind within a body. For our bodily or physical sicknesses we go to a medical doctor. Similar when we are affected with some disturbance of the mind, then there is a need for us to seek assistance and intervention from a professional Counselor/Psychotherapist.

Everyone goes through stress and strain in the present day context. It could be the result of an issue that we encounter in the family, society, school, office or factory. Generally such issues are mild at the beginning but if timely intervention is not done, a person may end up in having depression, panic attacks, phobias and disorders which would cause sadness, anger, self-harm, harming others and gradually leading to suicidal thoughts.

On the other hand prolonged or neglected mental (mind issues) overtime affects our health with various physiological issues such as pressure, diabetics, cardiology, and other body related sickness. It is the anger, loneliness, fear and sadness which over a period of time, develop into major physiological sickness if timely intervention is not done, and the result is spending of huge sums of money to get medical treatment. Most of us generally don’t understand how and why this factor works.

When going to a Counselor/Psychotherapist, you have to ensure that if he/she is a registered practitioner and member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Professional Counselors, (the authorized Body to issue license for counseling & psychotherapy practice, having done long periods of research, study, and practice in Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy skills under experts of local and international repute).

Our location is placed in a suitable location where Clients can walk in privacy and confidentiality. All information related to each and every client will be handled with utmost confidentiality.